About Mediterranea


Corporate Profile:


The heart of the success begins in Italy with our international design team creating unique designs targeted specifically for the United States market. We pride ourselves on being innovators, not followers when it comes to product designs. Once the product design is complete we are in the unique position to match our design with one of our numerous partner factories’ technologies to bring forth the best look at the best price.


Whether it’s domestic products or imports, no other manufacturer in the world has the range of product and the depth of support that rivals Mediterranea – Step Into Your World!!




Carrying on with the Mariutto family tradition in the ceramic tile industry, Michael Mariutto represents the family’s fourth generation in the business. Backed by in-depth knowledge of ceramic and porcelain products first gained as the son of a large ceramic tile contractor and honed by significant tile spent in Italy studying all facets of the tile industry, Mr. Mariutto began his US career in 1987, launching Architectural Imports, Inc. This sales agency quickly developed a reputation as one of the top agencies of the Southeastern U.S.


Over the years, Michael has successfully established relationships with some of the most prominent tile manufacturers from around the world. From that success Mariutto has introduced a brand known as “Mediterranea”, which has taken a creative twist to tile production and has a long list of accomplishments showcasing Mariutto’s 25 years of experience in the industry.


Recognized as a leading multi-national tile production and design firm, Mediterranea prides itself on its dedication to the styling, design and production of the world’s finest ceramic and porcelain tiles targeted specifically and solely for the US market. By collaborating with many well-known and respected manufacturers from around the globe, Mediterranea expresses its design with international inspiration. Mariutto personally designs Mediterranea’s exquisite tile lines and works closely with each factory to ensure the highest standards and optimum success in sales in the U.S.